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Google Chrome as alternative to Firefox [closed]

Google Chrome as alternative to Firefox [closed]

I have been using Firefox for long time. Recently i had switched to chrome to find that its much faster than Firefox, but addons like greasemonkey, adblock plus, tweeterfox etc. keeps me wanting to use Firefox. Now I am confused between which of the two to use.

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Guest [Entry]

"The developer version of Chrome can ease most of your pain, as it can have add-ons. Google is working on an API currently to make this easier for developers much like Mozilla has done with Firefox. Most of the high demand add-ons have been pretty much duplicated and you can find them at MyChromeAddons.

GreaseMetal is basically GreaseMonkey for Chrome
This is a good temporary fix for AdBlockPlus
There is also a Twitter add-on someone made for Chrome.

Although I'm still currently in the same boat as you, Firefox 3.7a1pre nightly build."
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"Wait -- if there are extensions you can't live without and that have no javascript alternative.

Chrome isn't released for Linux yet (although there is a developer preview, this only works on Debian/Ubuntu-based distros -- it definitely doesn't work on the RedHat-based distros for 64-bit machines yet).

Chrome is only just getting going with add-ons and such, so if there are add-ons/extensions that you can't live without (other than adblock plus which can be replaced with a Privoxy proxy, or using one of the many javascript greasemonkey-ish scripts which can also be enabled in Chrome.

Personally, I find that general browsing is so much faster in Chrome that I use it and put up with the lack of extensions, and use Firefox for just the very few things I really need it for (debugging web apps with Firebug being one)."
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"I use both of them but Firefox still my default browser because when want develope a site firefox extension realy help me, but I like 1 thing in Chrome that have task manager and get realy less memory than firefox.
I just have problem with size of memory that firefox get from the system."
Guest [Entry]

I can't stand anything that slows down my web browsing experience. Firefox has turned into the "everything and the kitchen sink" type browser which defies its original project goals. Chrome is the new answer in my opinion.