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Google Chrome - Security Issue

Google Chrome - Security Issue

Wanted to test the waters here regarding an issue I encountered while browsing a web page at work. We're sitting behind a proxy server. I'm not knowledgeable on the details of the proxy but can research with some folks I know at the security department if more info is necessary.

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Guest [Entry]

"A few possibilities here non of which are likely Chromes fault.
- The proxy/router cached a copy of the web page and the web page
- The host site uses IP addresses to maintain login
- Your chrome installs share a common location for cookies and the site uses cookies to maintain logins

First step if you are worried about this would be to contact the network admin and ask about the webpage caching or if chrome installs share a common cookie/history location (not likely). If that doesn't work you could look into contacting the website to see how they authenticate users and if they use IP addresses.

The important thing to remember on the second point is if you both access the site from behind the same proxy it would likely appear that you are both coming from the same computer (IP/MAC Address) to the host site."