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Google Desktop Search result - missing icon

Google Desktop Search result - missing icon

While using google desktop search(GDS) search shortcut (ie. Google desktop @ start menu), sometimes the icon is missing. Is there any way to let GDS re-index it or get the icon back? Thanks.

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Guest [Entry]

"From the Social Technet forums:

Do these shortcurs work right now?

As the icons show as System default
icons, please right click
Menu\Programs folder, and choose
properties, change to the Previous
Versions tab, now you can double click
the previous versions to check in
which version the shortcuts are fine.
Then you can choose the version, you
can click Restore button to restore.

If there is not a previous version is
good, since you have many shortcuts,
it would take long time to change the
icon associations to the correct one.
You can create a new account, then
check if the shortcuts in the new
account works fine, then you can copy
the C:\Users\new account
Menu\Programs to replace the
Menu\Programs folder in your older

After that, if you want to customize
the shortcuts, it's better to copy and
paste the shortcuts to the folder
which you want.

Basically the easiest way to restore it is creating a dummy account and copy+paste the default shortcuts from there (given that the application was installed for ""all"" users)."