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Google is too slow to load

Google is too slow to load

Using Google as my browser's homepage has become unbearably slow. (Let's just assume I have a slow Internet connection.)

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Guest [Entry]

"Save the page using your browser's save-complete-page functionality, and then set an HTML ""base"" tag in the header of the saved page to google.com.

Info on that tag here: http://www.w3schools.com/TAGS/tag_base.asp"
Guest [Entry]

<form action=""http://google.com/search"" name=f><input name=hl type=hidden value=en><input autocomplete=""off"" maxlength=2048 name=q size=55 title=""Google Search"" value=""""><br><input name=btnG type=submit value=""Google Search""><input name=btnI type=submit value=""I'm Feeling Lucky""></form>

just stole their form and stuck it in there, should work"