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Hard Drive Bad Sector marking utility [closed]

Hard Drive Bad Sector marking utility [closed]

"I already have Windows XP, During installing Ubuntu(dual boot) the disk drive just stuck up at one place and doesn't seem to move ahead..
Is there a disk bad sector mark utility that just marks these sectors so that the disk doesn't seek them later.
I tried running Seagate Seatools on the drive but both the short test and long test fail even before they start even chkdsk /f/r doesn't seem to work as the system locks up at stage four."

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Guest [Entry]

"SpinRite from GRC is well known as a disk recovery tool.

It will scan all sectors, try to recover the data if possible and mark defective sectors so they're not reused. Worked fine for me in a few occasions.

It's not free though: $89.00"
Guest [Entry]

"You can try using HDD Regenerator to fix the bad sector. But this software is not free.
I have experience with bad sectors and my HDD works normally after using this software."