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Has anyone else had problems with VMware Fusion 3 and Spaces?

Has anyone else had problems with VMware Fusion 3 and Spaces?

One of things I loved about VMware Fusion 2 was the ability to have 6/7 vms running in different virtual spaces and being able to switch between them using the space overview button in Mac OS X. However, space support in VMware Fusion 3 seems to be completely broken. If I move a particular VM into a space then I find that all the VMs are now in that space!! How have they managed to break it so badly, I would have thought this was fundamental. Does anyone know a work around?

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Guest [Entry]

"Potential Fix to allow moving WinXP screen from one monitor to another... under the control of VMWare Fusion 3 and OSX Snow Leopard ""Spaces""

Laptop Config:
MacBook Pro, OSX 10.6.2 Snow Leopard, WinXP with VMWare Fusion 3 (JUST upgraded from VMWF2)
Display Config:
Two monitors: one UP (stand alone), one DOWN (integrated into laptop). Both are 1440x900 pixels.
After upgrading from VMWF2 to F3, WinXP started running in FULL SCREEN mode on the DOWN monitor. I needed to move it to the UP monitor but the old way of doing it did not work any more.

(Note: With VMWF2, I could open SPACES, then drag/drop the WinXP image into the UP monitor ""space""... and that's where it ran. Life was good.)

After the VMWF3 upgrade, the drag/drop approach no longer worked. A google search brought me here.
My Fix:

Change VMWF3 ""View"" from FULL SCREEN to SINGLE WINDOW.
Open SPACES and drag the VMWF3 app (ex: WinXP image) to the desired SPACE (UP).
Close SPACES and verify app is running where desired.
Click the FULL SCREEN icon in the upper right corner of the VMWF3 app display area to revert to FULL SCREEN mode.
From then on, the VMWF3 app (ex: WinXP) runs in the desired monitor (UP)."
Guest [Entry]

I 'm having problems, too with Fusion 3 and Spaces in Leopard. It is definitely related to running in Full Screen, which is the only way I like to use it. I had been a beta tester on Fusion 3 and got so frustrated with its behavior in Spaces that I gave up and went back to version 2. I had hoped they'd fix it before it was released out of beta.