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Have to eject DVD after every write with growisofs

Have to eject DVD after every write with growisofs

I am writing files to a DVD with growisofs once a day. Each time I append to the DVD, I have to eject the DVD and then re-load the DVD in order to see the file I just wrote. I am using RHEL 5.0 and to initialize a blank DVD, I use the command:

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"The eject is required by some drives -- it forces them to reread the contents of the disc after a burn session has changed those contents. It's a hardware thing, so to fake it you'd need to convince the drive that it's just loaded a new media and needs to perform its initial scan of that new media.

I don't know if this is possible via standard IOCTLs -- I'd expect you'd have to hack the drive firmware (and possibly add your own special IOCTL to the driver code) to do it."
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"Power the device down and back up.

find the scsi device id via ""lsscsi -v""
cd /sys/bus/scsi/drivers/sr
echo the scsi id to unbind, then bind.

echo ""1:0:0:0"" > unbind
echo ""1:0:0:0"" > bind"