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HDD Write / Hibernate issue on Dell Latitude with XP

HDD Write / Hibernate issue on Dell Latitude with XP

My 2-year-old laptop has been getting extremely slow for the last few months. The most pronounced problem has been that it now takes somewhere between 15 and 20 minutes to go into hibernate, when it always used to take 30-60 seconds. I've mostly responded by uninstalling programs and shutting things down, and that has had limited success.

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When I left Windows and ran the Dell BIOS-based diagnostics, I finally got a simple result: ""drive failure"". I've never seen anything like this, where a ""failed"" PC component actually performed all of its assigned functions, just slowly. But in any case, I bought a new drive, Clonezilla'd the old one, and everything is now fine. I've been too lazy/busy to do any research on how this happened."