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Help in diagnosing what's wrong with my computer

Help in diagnosing what's wrong with my computer

I have a DELL XPS 1710. Yesterday night while I was doing nothing special (browsing the web and chatting on the IM, it all of a sudden froze. I restarted it and now the screen is filled with green dotted lines as soon as the monitor goes on (see screenshots at the bottom).

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Guest [Entry]

"It has all the hallmarks of being a GPU failure.

If this were a desktop it would be a simple matter to take out the graphics card and either use a borrowed replacement or the main board graphics to verify it.

However, as it's a laptop the only way is to do what you're planning."
Guest [Entry]

"Been there, done that.

Your graphics card is failing. Look and see if the fan on the card is still turning. I'll bet it's not.

Chances are high the card has to be replaced. Even if you could manage to replace the fan, graphics cards will damage themselves in no time without proper cooling."