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Help me enable full use of Logitech Mouse on Ubuntu 9.04 VM?

Help me enable full use of Logitech Mouse on Ubuntu 9.04 VM?

My MX 518 Optical mouse's thumb buttons aren't working. I'm running Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope (64-bit) on VMware. I tried installing HID point and it cannot detect the mouse at all. I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea how I can solve this problem. Thanks.

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"Try the btnx program (homepage is at http://www.ollisalonen.com/btnx/, and you can install it by running Synaptic or just typing sudo aptitude install btnx). It allows remapping of any mouse buttons, executing some commands when buttons are pressed and more.

Also there may come some problems with the VMware itself because virtualizators do not 'forward' button presses to guest OS (Ubuntu in your case) as themselves but emulate other, commonly PS/2 (but I don't know what exactly WMware does, through emulated USB mouse would not differ much in this context) mice and often drop extended keys when mapping host keypresses to guest keypresses.

You can test this by doing cat /proc/bus/input/devices in console, then searching an entry that describes 'real' mice (I mean not some ACPI stuff or such). Then you need to find a line like H: Handlers=mouseX eventY and do sudo hd /dev/input/eventY. If you are right with your choice then moving your mice will result in some hex being written to console. Then you can test your extended buttons: if you press them and some lines also appear then kernel receives your keypresses and problem is in userspace (software); otherwise it's virtualizer not forwarding such keypresses.

Anyway, btnx should work if you install Ubuntu not as a guest but as a host OS."
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"Just try my answer to the same kind of problem on another question:
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