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HISENSE - Freezer works, but not fridge. Baffle and fan not turning on

HISENSE - Freezer works, but not fridge. Baffle and fan not turning on

I have a Hisense HR6FDFF630S fridge/freezer. 6 years old.

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"Hi @christolds ,

I don’t know your fridge but was wondering if the door switch is faulty .

I’m not sure if this is the correct part. I take it to mean that it is a reed magnet switch. It is shown as part #107 - p.11 on the parts diagram. I may be wrong about this but couldn’t find any mention of a door switch in the parts list

The evaporator fan will stop when the door is opened so as to prevent any cold air being blown out of the refrigerator compartment.

If it is the door switch (or you know where it is located and it is a magnetic reed switch) if you hold a magnet next to it the fridge light should go out if the door is open and the evap fan should start up. If they don’t then the switch is faulty.

The other way to test the switch if you haven’t got a magnet or don’t know the location of the switch, if it is not what I thought it was, is to set up your mobile phone to record video and stick it in the fridge, pointing it at the fridge light and then close the door. If it shows that the light stays on when the door is closed the switch is faulty and the evaporator fan will not run.

The freezer will stay cold because that’s where the evaporator unit is located."
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Made in China and are complete rubbish and they have no service agents of note. Manage to get mine fix after my insurance company sent out engineer who spotted wire harness spilt luckily enough to repair. https://www.agsrefrigeration.co.uk//