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How can I change the default shortcuts in the "save" box

How can I change the default shortcuts in the "save" box

Is there a way to change the default shortcuts in the Windows Save box? My machine shows

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"For non MSOffice applications (Office has its own dialogs):

Method #1:

Use Group Policy Editor to change things.

Start | Run, type in gpedit.msc
Navigate to User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Explorer -> Common Open File Dialog

Method #2:

Use TweakUI

Method #3:

(standard warning for editing the registry applies.... :P)

The following key holds registry values that control items in the Windows Common Dialog (the Save, Open, Print etc dialog box):


You can add folders to this by adding values to this subkey (note that this key does not exist by default):


You add STRING values under the PlacesBar key named Place# where you replace # with a sequential integer. Then set the value of that to be the folder path you want to have shown.

For example:

Place0 with a value of C:\MyNewFolder
Place1 with a value of C:\Work

As an aside, to totally hide the Places bar add a DWORD value under the comdlg32 key called NoPlacesBar and set it to 1.

For Office Apps, follow these links for instructions:

Office 2000
Office XP (2002), 2003, 2007"