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How can I clean up junk files from my computer?

How can I clean up junk files from my computer?

I'm getting a new laptop, and giving mine to a co-worker. How can I clean out all the junk & temp files?

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"Create a new user account and delete the old one, that should take care of a lot of clutter/rubbish.

If it doesn't delete the folder from Documents & Settings, deleting the account will at least mean you can safely delete it.

Then let CCleaner delete EVERYTHING (just tick every box in the settings) and defrag the system when it's done."
Guest [Entry]

"Not to replace the job that CCleaner has, but you may also want to run PC Decrapifier as well. It is a tool that needs some more exposure (like CCleaner).

""... good way to totally clean a Microsoft Windows installation of viruses and spyware""

If you look at DBAN/formatting from a strict security point of view. Once your computer is infected it becomes compromised, you can no longer trust it. So it is a must to format. Simply cleaning the virus is no 100% indication that you are threat free."