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How can I compare big files under Windows? [closed]

How can I compare big files under Windows? [closed]

I'd like to compare two files under Windows, each about 1Gb in size. I tried Total Commander and WinMerge, but both ended with Out of memory errors.

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Guest [Entry]

"My (ASCII) files were each about 1.2 GB.

I tried:

Beyond Compare 3
ExamDiff Pro
and they all failed (couldn't load the file or crashed)

The one that worked for me at the end was ... PilotEdit x64 6.2.0.

It took some time to load each file and even more to do the comparison, but once it was done, it worked perfectly fine and just the way I had seen it in MultiEdit and NotePad++ before. Jumped between diff blocks, etc."
Guest [Entry]

Try ExamDiff (Pro).
Guest [Entry]

"KDiff3 now has a 64 bit version which works for large files.

This is an old question, but I had the same problem when attempting to use KDiff3.

I was looking for a free option that wasn't a trial or only for non-commercial use. I discovered that I was using the 32 bit version of KDiff3 and it now has a 64 bit version. Installing it allowed me to diff much larger files."
Guest [Entry]

"You could try a command line diff tool or DiffUtils for Windows. Textpad also has a comparison tool integrated it the files are text.

If you just need to detmine if the files are different (not what the differences are) use a checksum comparison tool that uses MD5 or SHA1. I use digestIT 2004."