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How can I convert Outlook .pst files to Evolution mail files

How can I convert Outlook .pst files to Evolution mail files

I'm converting to Linux from a Windows based desktop in a corporate setting that uses Outlook. Evolution runs nicely and can get enough communication with the Exchange servers that I'm happy with the current mailbox. However, I've got a couple of older offline .pst files in which some mail is sorted and stored for easier access.

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"So here's what I found worked for me:

Start up Outlook so that you can use it's DLL access to the data
Start up Thunderbird and use the File|Import wizard to import mail from Outlook. This creates a bunch of mbox formated files inside a directory structure that matches the Outlook folder structure from which they came.
Exit Outlook and Thunderbird.
Copy the new mail files and directories from the Thunderbird profile Mail directory into the Evolution profile Mail directory. In my case, this meant copying to a whole new machine. I put them under the local mail directory.
Start up Evolution. If all went well, Evo should notice the files and directories and show them as mail folders in the ""On This Computer"" folder.

Thanks to these websites for hints:
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I use Thunderbird for converting from Outlook to plain unix mailboxes. From there I bet that you can find a solution for almost any other mail client.