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How can I copy files with SSH?

How can I copy files with SSH?

I am trying to copy a file from my other computer, to another computer. (both running Ubuntu 9.10)

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Guest [Entry]

"This isn't really programming related, but you can use scp to do this.

scp file.zip remote-box-name:/path/to/destination/file.zip

If your username is different on the remote box, you will need to prefix it:

scp file.zip yourusername@remotebox:/path/to/destination/file.zip

And to retrieve a file you could do this:

scp remotebox:/path/to/destination/file.zip file.zip"
Guest [Entry]

"you need to use scp to either pull or push the file. From one machine to the other, you'd do something like

scp File.zip username@ipaddress:/home/me/Desktop/file.zip"