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How can I copy on select in the OS X Terminal like PuTTY does?

How can I copy on select in the OS X Terminal like PuTTY does?

That PuTTY option to select and then right-click to paste is the best invention after the mouse. Is there any way to make Terminal in OS X do this? Hack the source code? Install something?

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Guest [Entry]

"Install SIMBL and then install TerminalCopyOnSelect.

At first, you should install SIMBL.
Download the zipped plugin file I mentioned above and expand it.
Copy the extracted file ""TerminalCopyOnSelect.bundle"" to the plugin directory which is located at ~/Library/Application
Terminate all processes of Terminal.app and restart it."
Guest [Entry]

iTerm, an alternative to Terminal, can do this.
Guest [Entry]

"You can launch an X11 server and use xterm. Everything is already in the box.

You can even type xterm& in Terminal.app, and X11 will automatically be launched."
Guest [Entry]

"You could also install TotalTerminal and enjoy hotkey access to a dropdown Quake-style terminal that has a copy-on-select setting too :-)

TotalTerminal augments the existing Terminal and doesn't replace it so I find it a nicer solution than installing and using another app :-)"
Guest [Entry]

"my workflow

for copy: cmd-shift-click - it copies full unix paths like putty

for paste: triple click trackpad which works like middle button of mouse on xwindow or right button in putty (requires: http://clement.beffadotorg/labs/projects/middleclick/ )"