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How can I create a small handheld wireless device?

How can I create a small handheld wireless device?

I've been wanting to play around with some low level hardware stuff and simple operating system development. I've got an idea for something that would be fun to work on, and useful, but I don't really know if it's possible, and if it is, what to use.

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"Ideas area always worth pursuing, and it can be done. Go for something like the OpenPandora or OpenMoko platform as a base to build your prototype on.

In fact, you might even want to just buy a cheap second-hand PDA off eBay that supports Linux, and start going with that. And surprise surprise, the Garmin Nuvi GPS system runs off Linux, and can be hacked to install a capable Linux system on it (I also believe it has 2 buttons).

The criteria essentially are 1) Fit your specs 2) Active hardware dev community 3) Supports Linux. And with Linux, if you can code, you will be able to compile for the Pandora platform, and take your idea to fruition. :)

Chase your dreams, don't let go!"