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How can I get a new browser session when opening a new tab or window on Firefox/Chrome?

How can I get a new browser session when opening a new tab or window on Firefox/Chrome?

When opening new Internet Explorer window, a new browser session is issued. Therefore you can login with two different accounts on the same service (let's say Gmail). The same does not apply when opening a new tab in the same window in Internet Explorer.

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"In Chrome you can use private browsing to achieve the same.

Chrome - Wrench(tools) menu/open new window without history

In Firefox you can use IE tab extension, and have another tab rendered with an IE engine to achieve the same effect.

Here are some other options: http://www.computer-realm.net/managing-multiple-gmail-accounts-with-firefox/"
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"This answer answers specifically the question/user case described here:
Chrome - Open separate browser windows, each in incognito mode, that do not share data between.
However, that question is locked since it is marked as a duplicate, pointing to this question, so I can't post an answer there.

For Google Chrome, if you want a simple way to have a new browser window with a new, temporary session (that is not sharing cookies with other sessions/windows), invoking a simple script can do the trick.

(Opening a new window in incognito mode gives ju one more session, however, further incognito windows will belong to that same session - so normal mode + incognito mode will give you at most two separate sessions in total, regardless of number of windows.)

I use the following. It's written for OS X. It further opens the window in incognito mode. Simply drop --incognito if that's not desired.

/Applications/Google\ Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google\ Chrome --user-data-dir=$RND_DIR --incognito
rm -R $RND_DIR"
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"By creating multiple profiles in the profile manager (firefox -p from start menu) and then creating a MOZ_NO_REMOTE environment variable with a value of 1, Firefox will allow multiple sessions in multiple windows.

I've tried it myself with Firefox 8 and it works. I have an web application that has no logout button, and before I found this I had to keep opening and closing Firefox completely to switch between accounts (admin and user for testing). This has helped greatly."
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"For Google Chrome, you can set a shortcut to open up an Incognito session via the following:

""C:\path-to\chrome.exe"" /incognito

Or simply CTRL + Shift + N while using the normal state. Only difference is that when you're incognito, the cookies and history won't stick."
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"I have created a Chrome Extension that does this for cookies per site. It's available here:


When turned on, this will lock each tab into it's own session. Let me know if you have any questions about this."