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How can I get rsync on windows via ssh not to hang?

How can I get rsync on windows via ssh not to hang?

I have MobaSSH installed on two Windows (XP and Vista) machines. When I do rsync over ssh it often hangs. I've read this happens with cygwin/rsync/ssh (MobaSSH is cygin based). Is there any known fix or alternate ssh/rsync server I could use?

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"I use rsync + ssh on Cygwin 1.7 (the beta release) and haven't encountered this problem yet. Most of my rsync is a Windows machine pulling via rsync from a Linux machine.

There are articles out there discussing possible issues.

http://marc-abramowitz.com/archives/2007/10/14/solving-rsync-hangs-with-cygwin/ - this links to a rsync daemon setup

A relatively recent thread on the Cygwin list offers some alternatives, and again they iterate using the rsyncd.

Here's another walkthrough of setting up rsyncd.

Between 2 Windows machines I've always found it easier to use Windows File Sharing to copy the files."