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How can I get triple monitors and SLI to work?

How can I get triple monitors and SLI to work?

For my birthday, I just got a 3rd monitor. Instead of replacing the smaller of my two monitors, I'd like to just use all three.

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"Happy Birthday!

If you are using Windows Vista, the video subsystem only allows drivers from one company e.g. Nvidia, ATI, Nvidia etc.

Therefore, you should be able to get this working with any second Nvidia card.

SLI however is dependent on another video card in the same series, so if you get a $50 card, do not set it as primary (If you motherboard has one slower SLI slot, put it in the slower slot).

If you are using Windows 7, you should be able to have a secondary card of any manufacturer (that being said, I still prefer to keep it within the same company!).

To sum up - using a different card will achieve what you want without problems, however use as secondary otherwise performance may go down hill.

If you have any other outputs such as VGA or HDMI, you may want to try and get an adapter to power all from the first card."
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"SLI can only be enabled if you have one logical monitor in Windows. This means when you go to Display Properties, you see only one monitor there. Now, you can have multiple physical monitors that map to one logical monitor, but I personally don't like that - When you maximize programs they maximize across all montiors, taskbar goes across all monitors, etc*.

SLI works easiest when the video cards are identical - there are ways around this, but I'm not sure of them. You do need to install a cable between the video cards. It will obviously need to be an nVidia card.

*There are 3rd party programs that can somewhat alter this behavior but it's not 'in' Windows - they're other programs."