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How can I get VirtualBox to play nicely with dual monitors?

How can I get VirtualBox to play nicely with dual monitors?

I use VirtualBox to run a Ubuntu x64 guest under a Vista x64 host with a 19" and 15" monitor.

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"According to this forum post and looking through the VirtualBox release notes this is only available to Windows Guests. I know the latest 3 release introduced huge improvements on the 3D rendering side and with OpenGL. I would assume this would be available in the near future.

And according to the 4.0 release notes, the feature is available!

Guest Additions: support for multiple virtual screens in Linux and Solaris guests using Xdotorg server 1.3 and later"
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"The fullscreen display in both monitors can be easily done.
Luke Dubber managed it and it is explained here:
1 - Install VirtualBox (its free, Windows, Linux and Mac)
2 - Once you have created your virtual machine (VM) edit your settings.
3 - Go to Display section and increase the Monitor Count.
4 - Make sure to increase your Video Memory. If you don’t it won’t work (I should know, took me a bit to figure out that was my issue). I would go with the maximum 128MB if possible.
5 - Install your OS (you can do this before step 3).
6 - Make sure to install the VirtualBox guest additions.
7 - Then reboot and once you are back in you should be able to use more than one.
To read from original link Click here:
Or go to the home page of Luke Dubber

The seamless mode is something I'm battling with also and haven't seen an answer to yet."