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How can I join multiple .mpg movie files?

How can I join multiple .mpg movie files?

I create a lot of these small clips on my digital camera. These are in .mpg format and before I share them with others, I would love to just join, clip a few seconds here and there.

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"mpg files are the easiest to join. You can actually copy them together. In Windows you use

copy/b file1.mpg+file2.mpg+file3.mpg newfile.mpg

In Linux, I use cat:

cat file1.mpg file2.mpg file3.mpg >> newfile.mpg"
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"For Linux Avidemux is quite good:


For Windows there is


There are also more low level tools that work directly on the MPEG stream such as:


Those might be good for lossless cutting, but give much less freedom."
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"I have used copy/b & that joins the files OK but it does something to the header that messes with the time code. But then I ran the entire file through XMedia Recode using just video copy (not convert) & audio copy with the same extension & that seemed to straighten it out:
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"If you simply copy them together using the command line as suggested above, the duration will not be reported correctly in your media player, but it still may work. Don't trust the duration reported by your player - check manually.

When ripping and combining videos from DVD, If I rip without re-encoding, I get mpg files which I can combine with the copy command, and then even though VLC doesn't report the duration correctly, Handbrake ""sees"" the correct duration, and the final re-encoded mp4 files play correctly and display the correct duration."