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How can I monitor internet usage in my network? [closed]

How can I monitor internet usage in my network? [closed]

I need to know which computer is consuming my bandwidth. Is there a tool to do this?

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If you want to graphically display your local network connections, you may be interested in etherape. Free and cross platform. The thickness of the connection is an indicator of traffic volume.
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The Windows Resource Monitor on 7 (and Vista?) has grown quite advanced in what it shows under "network".
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"You can use DU Meter + dumeter.net to monitor Internet bandwidth usage on your network:

dumeter.net displays bandwidth usage of all your computers connected to your account. Your Internet provider can show only the overall totals, which are of course useless if you have several computers in your house and would like to know how much bandwidth each of them used.

DU Meter is not free, however dumeter.net is currently free for all DU Meter 6.x users.

Disclaimer: I'm the author of DU Meter software."
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If you have a cisco router, you can use scrutinizer. You need to modify a few lines of code in your router to enable netflow, but I've found this program to be fantastic, and it's free.
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"You can use WhatPulse:

It records the network use
Stats are available online as well as on the desktop client.
Support several computers

On each computer:

Stats online:"