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How can I switch between multiple sets of network configurations on Windows XP?

How can I switch between multiple sets of network configurations on Windows XP?

I do consulting and carry my Windows XP laptop from employer to employer. In some of the places I go to, they have unique network settings, so sometimes I have to sit there and change my network settings (e.g. type in DNS servers, IP values, etc...).

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"Use netsh.exe along with a few batch-files, and you're good to go! Not only is it free, it's included with Windows, and you don't need anything constantly running in the background. Just have a few configuration files set as different files, and run a different one to switch your network settings!

For example, if I wanted to change my ""Local Area Connection"" (the name shown in Network Connections), then I would copy and paste the following into Notepad, and save it as ""something.bat"":

netsh interface ip set address name=""Local Area Connection"" static 1

This would set my network connector named ""Local Area Connection"" to have a static IP of, with netmask, and a default gateway of

For some advanced examples, check out this article, or the documentation from Windows XP Professional.

And yes, you can set the DNS via this tool as well:

netsh interface ip set dns ""Local Area Connection"" static"
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Try this article from Microsoft. It tells you how to use the Alternate Configuration feature for multiple network connectivity in Windows XP. You can have multiple metwork configurations at the same time; you only have to switch between them. Easy and free!