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How can I turn off screen on remote computer with LogMeIn?

How can I turn off screen on remote computer with LogMeIn?

I'm using log me in to remotely connect to a computer, however, when I do so, the screen turns on (its a laptop, so no chance of physically unplugging it), and if people are where the computer is, they can see what I do (and even mess with the computer!).

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You can no longer change this locally while sitting at the host computer - you can only make the change while in a Remote Control session to the host computer. During the session, on the black toolbar/ribbon that runs along the top of the Remote Control window, click Options, and you will see "Lock keyboard" and "Blank screen."
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"Actually, there is an elegant solution which doesn't involve closing laptop lids or dimming displays.

All versions of Logmein (including Free) fully support the following features:

Lock host keyboard and mouse
Blank host screen

The ""Black Screen"" option requires the installation of a DPMS (Display Power Management Signaling) driver, which only takes about 5-10 seconds. After that, you can turn the screen on and off at will. The screen will instantly go into power save mode (i.e. the power LED changes colour/blinks etc.) The screen isn't just black, but completely off.

I've been using these features for two years at least - it's nothing new, and works perfectly.

You have to customize your LogMeIn toolbar to get these options to appear.

See the below screenshot:"