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How can I use my computer to control my house?

How can I use my computer to control my house?

I would like a way to use my computer to control the lights and appliances in my house.

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bert [Entry]


Here is a tutorial on controling lights with a computer.


Web store dedicated to home automation products: http://www.smarthome.com/

One other product solution that mentions light and appliance control:

bert [Entry]

This might be something you're looking for
bert [Entry]

If you know perl, or you have some basic programming know-how and think you can follow along, then MisterHouse might be something worth checking out. It can control X10 and some other types of automation hardware, and definitely supports speech-recognition.
bert [Entry]

"""X10 is a costy professional switching system""

really? X10 is a cheap way to control lights, appliances, and more for the home user. Why not use Arduino and X10 together? Google ""Arduino X10"""
bert [Entry]

"If you want to do it yourself you can connect a relay board to your parallel, serial or USB port and install suitable software.
Parallel and serial ports are not on some computers but you can still use your USB port.
There is trial software to control lights by your computer from here: