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How can I use my SSD as a ReadyBoost cache disk?

How can I use my SSD as a ReadyBoost cache disk?

I'd like to use SSD as ReadyBoost cache disk. However, ReadyBoost can work with pluggable USB drives only (AFAIK). Is there any way to avoid this limitation?

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bert [Entry]

"On Windows 7 you CAN use an internal SSD drive for ReadyBoost.

Example scenario where it makes ""some"" sense: You have an existing Windows 7 desktop that could use a performance boost, but you don't have time to reinstall/migrate the boot drive to an SSD.

Install a cheap SSD, and configure it for ReadyBoost (just right click on the drive the same as you would a USB Flash drive). NOTE: ReadyBoost will only use 4GB of the drive.
Move your virtual memory paging file from the boot drive to the SSD.
Move any data files you are working with actively to the SSD (such as source code if you are developer).

Total time invested: About 10 minutes
Performance improvement: Noticeable/useful but not magic"
bert [Entry]

I managed to set up a full 120 GB SSD disk to use ReadyBoost by creating four partitions and enabling ReadyBoost on them all. ReadyBoost for Windows 7 allows only max 32 GB per partition but one disk can still be partitioned more times. Total maximum will be 256 GB with 8 partitions (32 GB each).