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How can you find out the hard drive type, size (3.5” or 2.5”) on a PC?

How can you find out the hard drive type, size (3.5” or 2.5”) on a PC?

How can I determine if a PC’s hard drive is SATA or IDE, and also if it’s a 3.5” one or 2.5” one.

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"(editing to make simpler)

If this is Windows, right click on my computer or computer and click manage (or open computer management in your favourite way). Go to device manager and expand disk drives. Double click on your drive and then click details and you could be able to see all the information you need.

Under Hardware Ids, you should be able to see your hard drives code, However only write down model number.

For me it shows - IDE\ST9320421ASG____________________________SD13____

However, I built my laptop and know it is a SATA drive, so I think the safest thing to do is just write down the model number (you can just see this by expanding Disk Drives without even going in to details), and then Googling the model number.

Whilst you can see SATA / IDE in device manager (assuming windows) I am not sure it is possible to see physical size."
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"If it's in a PC, it'll be 3.5""; 2.5"" is the size of laptop drives.

Assuming you are in Windows, if you look at the drive in device manager, and go to the advanced tab, it'll say whether it's IDE or sata (sata sometimes shows up as SCSI, but that mostly Linux)."