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how do i archive emails in Kmail

how do i archive emails in Kmail

i'm using gmail IMAP through kmail. i want to archive the emails, the way gmail does. is it even possible through kmail?

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In MS Outlook I can move messages from the inbox to a folder called "All Mail", which has the effect of archiving the message. You may need to subscribe to the All Mail folder in Kmail.
Guest [Entry]

"I do not know whether this functionality was already present in 2009 or not, but the way to do this now is as follows:

Settings > Configure KMail... > Accounts > [select an IMAP account] > Modify > Archive Folder [tab]
Enable; select folder; choose archiving type (‘Unique’ for GMail-like case)
Repeat the above for any IMAP account you want (folder can be different)
Settings > Configure Shortcuts...
Add a shortcut of your choice to ‘Archive’

So there is no need to create filters and a single shortcut suffices."