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How do I change the default backup folder in Win7?

How do I change the default backup folder in Win7?

I'm using the built-in Windows Backup. The default destination folder (backup location\computer name\Backup Set year-month-day time) is unsuitable for me because I already have got some other files in that location and I'd prefer to keep them there.

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Windows Backup allows you specify what drive to store backup data on. Unfortunately, you cannot change the directory hierarchy. Depending on what edition of Windows 7 you're using, you may have the ability to save to a network location, which could be a shared folder on your machine.
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"Hihi, did not try this, but it will be cool if it works :D I was also frustrated with backup naming and location (stupid backup polluting my partition root), but eventually i started making my backup on network and forgot about this. So you should try this:

Create some folder where you want to
place you backup
Share this folder to yourself
Select option to backup on network
and give you shared folder as
location, but not as local path as
D:\FolderForBackup , you must use you
network path as

If this works than lol."