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How do I diagnose the cause of a freeze after resuming in Windows XP (SP3)?

How do I diagnose the cause of a freeze after resuming in Windows XP (SP3)?

I have just built a new computer from parts. Whenever I resume from any sleep mode (S1, S3 or S4) the computer freezes within about 60 seconds of the welcome screen appearing. At this point the computer is completely non-responsive and the only recourse is to reboot.

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"As suggested in the other thread, you can configure (slightly different way for USB keyboards) and use a method to manually force a BSOD to dump the memory to investigate and find out what the heck is hanging your system (*now with great, though kind of lengthy video to help!*—requires SilverLight).

Since your problem is coming out of resume, one thing you could try is running BootVis, and doing a trace of the Next Standby & Resume. Then you should be able to clearly see what is causing the problem—likely one of the third-party drivers is getting hung. (Microsoft has long since removed the file download for BootVis from their sites since people were incorrectly using it to try to speed up or “tweak” their systems instead of using it for what it was actually designed for. However the last known version,—aka the leet version—is still available around the Internet.)"
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"My guess would be to first understand the problem more intimately. You can increase the memory for a crash-dump, for instance, so you can get more information from your kernel-debugger.

The second thing you have is to do some alleviation of the symptoms. Disabling CnC in your BIOS, and disabling all other features related to clock control might be a good start. See if your PC correctly resumes from S3 now.
Related to this could be to unplug any and all USB devices you may have attached. They have been known to mess up the boot of some systems, they might interfere with wake-up, too. Of course, also try to unplug your mouse and try a PS/2 one instead.

Thirdly could be, after you have tried all previous steps, to do a clean install of your windows, using an official (thus guaranteed clean) disk. If your PC still does not correctly wake from S3, I would be inclined to call tech-support for your motherboard and see what they make of it. You might get, for example, a 'beta' BIOS which supports it. This is unlikely, though, because you are using an old OS."