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How do I enable the on-board graphics card?

How do I enable the on-board graphics card?

This information is based on an ACER Aspire M1641.

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Unfortunately not possible it seems.
Guest [Entry]

"I have added a second Nvidia GeForce 6200SE TC PCIe GPU, which automatically
disables the on-board graphics.

Uhm no. That card will not disable anything. The BIOS might be trying to help you and helpfully disable onboiard graphics because it assume you no longer need it. This might be syntaxtic nitpicking, but the root will be in your motherboards firmware and not somewhere due to the added graphics card,

There is no option to enable both graphic cards simultaneously in the BIOS

That leaves two options:

Both will always stay enabled. This is a sane and normal setting.
Due to stupid designs the onboard is always disabled if a PCI-e card in inserted. Sadly I have seen this before, even when inserting a non graphics card (it was a HW RAID card) into a generic PCI-e slot. This simply is poor design.

As stated by you: not present. A normal third option would be. 'oboard graphics: enable/disable/auto' and 'Onboard first, PCI first, PEG (PCI express) first, PEG2 (PCI-express slot#2 first, etc etc

Any suggestions or work-arounds on how I can get this system working with
two monitors?

Use a graphics card with two monitor exits? Or a generic motherboard which does not try to be clippy style helpful."