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How do I force Firefox to remember a password?

How do I force Firefox to remember a password?

There are a couple of sites that I use (off the top of my head, the Xbox Live portal and del.icio.us) for which Firefox will not offer to remember my password. Any ideas on how to force Firefox to recognize the username/password fields for these pages?

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Guest [Entry]

"Make a bookmark with the following code. You click on the bookmark before you login to a site. Firefox will now allow you to save the password. Any Microsoft property won't allow you to save the password.

Guest [Entry]

"setatakahashi's solution works perfectly.

What you could also do is install this addon: http://chrispederick.com/work/web-developer/

It will add a toolbar which allows you many things. The ""Forms"" tab has an option called ""Enable Auto Completetion"".
Click that, and login. Firefox will offer to remember your password."