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How do I get DVDs to play after installing 4oD?

How do I get DVDs to play after installing 4oD?

I have got a two year old, cheapo laptop (Dell Inspiron 1501) running Vista. It used to play DVD acceptably. After I installed (and the uninstalled) Channel 4's 4-on-Demand (4oD) to watch the IT Crowd, I ran into problems. Windows Media Player just doesn't run (no error messages, nothing). Windows Media Center runs, but the video is absurdly jerky. I've just got a copy of Office Space, and I'd like to watch Jennifer Aniston at home rather than in the office.

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"I would imagine that installing 4oD replaced some codecs on the machine. I would recommend downloading one of the following codec packs to determine if it makes a difference:

Vista Codec Pack
Windows Essentail Code Pack
K-Lite Codec Pack

Alternatively also check that the correct graphics driver is loaded. I had a similiar problem recently on a collegues computer and it turned out that somehow his video driver was not loading correctly."