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How do I host a file on my server for download?

How do I host a file on my server for download?

This might be a stupid question, but I have to ask cause I'm not getting anywhere...

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"I recall GoDaddy having some form of tech support. If you have a VPS that should get you at least some level of competent person to help you.

Assuming the root url (example.com) is pointing to your httpdocs directory, you would upload your music folder to /httpdocs. Then the web address would be www.example.com/music/song.mp3. It's possible GoDaddy has a .htaccess file prohibiting you (or anyone else for that matter) from accessing a .mp3 file.

I would also check the error_docs directory and see if you're getting any serverside errors."
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"If you're using Apache as the web server, you could create a .htaccess file in the directory where your .jad file is.

Put the following into the .htaccess file:

AddType application/octet-stream .jad"