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How do I log in as Administrator in Windows 7?

How do I log in as Administrator in Windows 7?

Yesterday, I used netplwiz to store my password. I'm the only user of my laptop so I thought entering my password everytime was a waste of time.

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Guest [Entry]

"Boot into Safe Mode.
Once inside, enable the hidden
Administrator Account following
these steps.
Boot normally and use the
Administrator Account this time.
Shouldn't be locked to SmartCard
based security.
From there disable SmartCard based

I'm unsure as to the last step as I never used these horrendous (allow me the subjectiveness) things. But shouldn't be much of a problem. Disabling the service permanently, and/or uninstalling any SmartCard device that may be installed under Device manager should do the trick.

More interesting however is trying to find out how you got SmartCard based security on your system from just using the Advanced User Accounts Control Panel. You got me curious."