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How do I make Firefox remember its window size?

How do I make Firefox remember its window size?

I usually use Firefox fully maximized, but occasionally I want to use it at a size which covers approximately half the screen. Unfortunately, when I Unmaximize the window, it shrinks to the size that I last used and then immediately resizes to cover the whole screen. Is there any way to make it stay at the size it was when I last had it Unmaximized?

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Guest [Entry]

"Several years later and still an unanswered question. I've written a small utility which allows me to specify Firefox window position at startup. Have a look at http://www.ipsec.info/w/t/override-gtk-geometry.c . Instructions for compilation and usage are included in the source.

Currently it only allows you to specify startup position and size. You can adjust the source to suit your needs, for example to resize the window on some event at runtime."