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How do I protect my laptop from power surges?

How do I protect my laptop from power surges?

I recently bought a laptop. While connecting it to the AC mains for charging it up for the first time, I wondered what would happen if a power surge occurred while my laptop was connected to the AC mains.

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"Firstly the adapter does protect the laptop from surges.

Secondly, not using the adapter - and instead allowing the battery to fully discharge, recharging it and then allowing it discharge and so on, is supposed to enhance the battery life.

So it's a good idea to keep your laptop disconnected from the main power supply as much as possible in the interest of battery life.

I haven't answered your original question regarding surge protectors - since I don't have an answer :) but thought it would be good to share the fact that it's a good idea to keep the laptop disconnected from the AC supply as much as possible."
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"It depends. Real surge protection has multiple levels. High quality house wiring should already contain high-level surge protection, and a good power adapter offers some low-level protection. With an unreliable power grid as in many places in India, your main problem are probably brown-outs, i.e. the opposite of a power surge. A laptop's power adpter and battery will filter out those just fine.

But there's nothing (certainly nothing portable) that can protect your laptop against the kind of power surge you get when lightning hits a power line nearby and the house wiring doesn't have high-level surge protection."