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How do I reset my Quite Partner II Dishwasher

How do I reset my Quite Partner II Dishwasher

My Quiet Partner II dishwasher is not working - the control panel is no longer lit up. I am having a difficult time trying to find out how to Reset it with the correct control panel button sequence for this model. I believe it is hard-wired so I have checked the breakers in my basement. I have pushed some buttons and the lights came on and off but not working. and When I push the cancel button it comes on -:O) instead of the start button and the washing selections. Help! :O)

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"Judy Doughty some of this will depend on your DW exact model. In general to reset the Quiet Partner II you:

Open the DW door

Push ""heated dry,"" ""normal,"" ""heated dry"" and ""normal"" in quick succession. immediately after this close the dishwasher door."