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How do I troubleshoot CPU temperatures in Ubuntu?

How do I troubleshoot CPU temperatures in Ubuntu?

I have some questions concerning CPU temperature on my Ubuntu 8.10.

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"On Ubuntu you will have /var/log/pm-*.log as well as the usual syslog.

acpitz-virtual-0 is an unhelpful label for an ACPI thermal zone, probably from an ACPI table at runtime.

k8temp* comes partly from /etc/sensors3.conf and partly from where the system found the chip. You probably have a default ABit configuration that looks like:

chip ""k8temp-*""

label temp1 ""Core0 Temp""
label temp2 ""Core0 Temp""
label temp3 ""Core1 Temp""
label temp4 ""Core1 Temp""

If it's in fact an ABit system board you should check the BIOS as it may have have better descriptions.

Regarding acpi -t, sensors(1) is checking both acpi and hardware devices it knows about. In a perfect world sensors(1) would report a superset of what acpi is able to report.

It really shouldn't be possible to overheat a laptop unless it is operated in a rather hot environment. It's more likely that the configuration file or BIOS settings are off, or perhaps some filters need cleaning. If the notebook heatsink was installed using thermal grease, that's known to not age well. (However, thermal grease is unlikely to have been used for original production.) You might be able to regrease it or use a modern thermal interface pad. Don't remove the heatsink unless you are prepared to throw away the old thermal interface and install a new one."