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How do I uncomment lines in an XML file using Notepad++

How do I uncomment lines in an XML file using Notepad++

"I can comment lines easily enough with Ctrl+Shift+Q.
How do I uncomment the lines? Ctrl+Shift+K doesn't do it."

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Guest [Entry]

"If you have the XML Tools plug-in, you can use the following shortcuts for block commenting/uncommenting:

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C — comment selection
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R — uncomment selection.

As for the Ctrl+Shift+K shortcut not working, you should probably report the problem to the Notepad++ developer.

Edit: Looks like the standard Block comment (Ctrl+K), Block uncomment (Ctrl+Shift+K) and Toggle block comment (Ctrl+Q) commands don't work with XML at all. (I'm using v. 5.5 by the way.)"
Guest [Entry]

"I had the situation to remote comments from a properties / ini file.

used the reg expression ^.#.$ to search and replace with blank (see here
http://www.shareaschnitzel.com/delete-a-line-containing-certain-string-or-text/ )

next steps remote blank lines.

This might help you to remove comment from a text file"