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How do you change the number of visible windows in each superbar icon?

How do you change the number of visible windows in each superbar icon?

Windows 7's new taskbar groups similar windows by default. Plus, the icon in the taskbar changes according to the number of windows grouped there. Here's an example image:

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Guest [Entry]

"Your closest built-in-to-Windows option, I believe, is to step back from the new style of taskbar slightly. To do this, open the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window (available by right-clicking the task bar and selecting Properties) and mess with the Taskbar Buttons option.

Setting this to not combine (or only combine if full) has the following result:

Notice that you can still pin programs to the taskbar, and they remain there when not running, so you retain that new piece of functionality, but you do sacrifice a lot of the compactness the new style brings because the ""title"" of each program becomes visible (as is always was on the old style taskbar).

However, you will find the answer to Hide taskbar labels without combining helps you get around this second issue (if you consider it an issue), with a registry change that will hide the program titles, giving you the following result:

Not quite perfect (as the icon doesn't show as a ""stack"", like it does when combined) but I think this is a close as you will be able to get.

Depending on why you want to do this, you might find this How-To Geek article useful, it describes another quick registry change so that if you click on a stacked/combined taskbar icon multiple times you can cycles focus though all the different instances - no need to wait for the pop up and select the correct screen (although, you can still do that as well). I believe this also works by holding Ctrl, but making it the default behaviour is immensely useful for me."