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How do you install gnu MAKE without compiler

How do you install gnu MAKE without compiler

I'm a little new in this area. I have a virtual machine centos5.1 that doesn't come with make or any compiler... basically stripped down. It doesn't come with any install packages like yum, rpm or apt. In order to install 'make', you have to have a valid compiler like gcc. However, in order to compile GCC, you need to have 'make'. How do I go about installing these dev tools?

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"I can't imagine why you wanted a system without any package management, but you can manually copy everything that a package would otherwise put on your system.

This really would be a last resort though, I would seriously consider getting yum on there first.

You can get the rpm package for make by searching on pbone and then run this command to extract the contents

rpm2cpio package.rpm | cpio -dimv

I'm not sure how you would then determine where everything goes though. If it was a .deb, Gdebi will show you the target locations.

UPDATE: OK, if you are starting with a virtual appliance that explains a lot. I would still try and get yum on there first if you can though. Or else just don't start with a virtual appliance :)

Here is a detailed guide to installing yum on a Centos box, for exactly the situation you are in:

Adding Yum to CentOS 5"