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How do you remove door from Jenn-Air JMW9527BAB Oven?

How do you remove door from Jenn-Air JMW9527BAB Oven?

My Oven Door - Jenn Air model# JMW9527BAB, does not have the standard removal method. No sliding bar or the ability to lift & remove.

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Guest [Entry]

"stuart, here is what the service manual suggest :

Open the oven door as wide as possible.

Place an 1/8"" pin in the hole on the right and left door hinges, see Figure 2-1,

Remove the screws from each side with a Phillips screwdriver.

Remove the lock plate from each side, Figure 2-1

Raise the oven door up to a broil stop position. In this position, it will be against the 1/8"" pin.

Grasp the door toward the top on both sides. Lift the door up and out to remove.


1. Lay the oven door on a protected surface with the inner door panel facing down.

2. Remove three screws from lower trim.Remove trim piece.

3. Slide outer-door glass down to disengage from top trim. Remove.

4. Remove three screws from top oven door trim. Remove the two 3/8"" nuts from the door handle bracket.

5. Lift up and off. This will disengage the side trim as well.

6. Remove the oven window pack by removing the 3/8"" nuts from the insulation retainer.""

Hope this helps, good luck."
Guest [Entry]

"How do i adjust the door to close fully/ completely. My jenn-air oven model is JMW9527CAB

thanks James"
Ohjkku [Entry]

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