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How should I configure Mail.App and Google Mail?

How should I configure Mail.App and Google Mail?

I'm running the Mac OS X 10.6 version of Mail.app and accessing Google Apps' mail via IMAP. I'm trying to make the integration as seamless as possible because I'm thinking of switching my wife to the combination.

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Guest [Entry]

"To have ""deleting"" the message in Mail.app archive it immediately in GMail:

In GMail:

Click the ""Settings"" link at the top of your GMail window
Click the ""Forwarding and POP/IMAP"" settings tab
Select ""Do not automatically expunge messages""
Select ""Archive the message""
Select ""Immediately expunge messages when I mark them deleted in IMAP""
Click the ""Save Changes"" button at the bottom of the window

In Mail.app, as per Google's instructions:

From the Mail menu, click Preferences > Accounts > Mailbox Behaviors
Under Trash, ensure both options are not checked:

Move deleted messages to the Trash mailbox
Store deleted messages on the server

If you don't automatically expunge, you can manually expunge by right-clicking the folder in Mail.app and selecting ""Erase Deleted Items…"" from the menu."
Guest [Entry]

"If you removed the ""All Mail"" option via the Gmail Labs function - your GMail is then set to display ALL MAIL irregardless of whether it is Archived or not.

That might explain why you are seeing it in GMail Inbox still - try not using the Gmail Labs function, and it should work now.

EDIT : If the instructions is muy unclear to you, just do this - get your ALL MAIL function back."