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How should i setup my PC partition?

How should i setup my PC partition?

I want to clear out my PC and setup the partitions.

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Guest [Entry]

"Depends on your disk size, you haven't specified. Prioritize each partitions size based on:

The default install size
And which ones you use the most.

Please correct me if I'm wrong so I can update this answer to be more accurate, but:

XP default install is roughly 1.5GB
Vista default install is roughly 7-8GB for basic, bit bigger for Premium/Business/Ultimate.
The Windows 7 Beta was about 6GB for me.

All will vary depending on components you have in your system, these are rough estimates. You only need one partition per OS, maybe a common shared partition to keep music and other documents separate from each OS. If you decide to install Linux onto the drive rather than in a virtual environment, size varies per distribution, but it is usually contained in under 5GB without additional programs installed."
Guest [Entry]

Why do you need to have so many partitions? One partition per OS sounds reasonable enough, and, if you really want one, another 'data' partition. If you really need to have another partition, you could make a 'media' partition and store your movies, pictures and music on it.