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How should my computing tendencies change after installing a SSD?

How should my computing tendencies change after installing a SSD?

I am about to install an Intel X25-M SSD in my MacBook. What should I know beforehand?

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"Well the best I can do is point you to articles (short of re-writing and summarizing the content) that I have seen on the subject, initially it seems that MacOsx isn't the best at dealing with SSD's yet...


TRIM TALK http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=712557

Hope that helps...

However, you should expect faster R/W over your standard HDD, but Apple is not yet on the TRIM waggon (as it is not yet a standard to my knowledge)."
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"As far as Garbage Collection on SSDs (of which TRIM is an API for OS's to implement), I read that Sandforce-based drives seem to do very well, claim to have native GC as well as decent overprovisioning to prevent degradation over time.

All other drives would need TRIM or their own GC implementation, and more recent drives do have TRIM support.

TRIM is only working on Windows 7 and the latest Linux kernels, IIRC, so no Mac love for now (though it might have it soon)."