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How to add exception in UAC list so that software runs without asking

How to add exception in UAC list so that software runs without asking

Whenever i run few application it asks for UAC list , i have to press continue to run that software. Is there any way to add some program which i need on daily basis so that i don't have to press continue every time

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Guest [Entry]

"No, there is no exception list for UAC.

A easy way to bypass UAC for certain programs, without disabling UAC, is to use Elevator. It will add the Elevate Me option to the context menu of programs:"
Guest [Entry]

"Additional information; To elevate without prompt follow the steps below.

Steps to follow:

Click Start and in the instance search type Local Security Policy and as it appears in the search result, press Enter to run it, note: UAC will prompt. So pass the UAC prompt correctly. (Note: You can also press Win + R and when the Run dialog appears type: secpol.msc and press Enter).
Now expand the Local Policies tree, and click on the Security Options.
On the right-side a list of security settings will appear, search for ""User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval Mode"".
Right-click on it and choose Properties a dialog will appear.
In the middle of the dialog, you'll see a combo box with the default value = ""Prompt for consent for non-Windows binaries"".
Click on that comboBox and choose ""Elevate without prompting"", click Apply and OK (Note: This does NOT require a PC reboot).
Double click on the program to verify if it works, but, trust me this will work.

And please look at these 7 ways too

I hope this information was helpful..."