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How to block audio and video streaming in wireless network

How to block audio and video streaming in wireless network

"My wireless connection is frequently getting disconnected (almost every 5 minutes). I think this is due to audio/video streaming which is used by some users in the wireless network.
Can you suggest some ways to block this streaming ?"

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Guest [Entry]

"Are you sure the disconnects are caused by excessive wireless traffic? If that really is the case I would advice you to take the following steps:

Check if the router is not overheating
Get a higher quality router, or a standalone acces point

(Blocking streaming only on the wireless side would probably not possible with the equipment you have now anyway.)

However, the disconnects can also be caused by interference from other acces points, wireless phones, microwave ovens or other wireless technology. To check for interference from other acces points you can use a tool like inssider (http://www.metageek.net/products/inssider/) and see if there are other acces points using the same channel as your acces point. If there is a lot of overlap you should try moving it to an ""emptier"" channel. Checking for other interference is not so easy however."